People of My Age, Ongoing project, 2020

Members of the early Generation Z were born between 1995 and 2001. Photographer Elena Kru-konytė was born in 1998 and the creation of this project was inspired by her own reflections on the rela-tionship with time. Raising existential questions — why am I who I am? — she searched for answers th-rough looking at peers. The young people who were involved in the project are members of generation Z (except for three people who were born a few years earlier but still have similiar outlook and experiences as others involved in the project). Each of them was photographed in their own chosen location, which reveals what contributed to the formation of their personality. What unites members of the early Generation Z? Inevitably, it is technology that they grew up with and which creates new forms of self-expression - almost each of them have a virtual version of their perso-nalities expressed on various social media platforms to a global audience. Young Lithuanian people could also be called the Generation of Freedom raised by parents who fought for the independence of Lithuania. Early Generation Z is also connected by the memory of a young, free Lithuania, a country that has just re-gained its independence and has not yet joined the European Union. The ideas, popular culture and ten-dencies of that time formed the national and aesthetic identity of young people (this topic is being analysed in more detail on Elena Krukonytė's instagram account @90s_Lithuania where she archives and examines Lithuanian culture artefacts of the 90s and early 2000s). Traditional values, such as nature, home and family, remain in the minds of Generation Z. Basically, this generation could be considered dual - mo-dern, technology-dependent, but also romantic, appreciating tradition and nature. Photographer Elena Krukonytė notices that she subconsciously feels a sense of commonality: "We are united by the memory of young Lithuania, freedom, the desire to explore the world and make sense of our existence. As we go through the same stage of life, we realise that we are becoming adults and starting to feel responsible for our lives and the world. Therefore,