Elena Krukonytė is a Lithuanian visual artist working with photography, graphic design, installation and video. In her practice, Krukonytė often captures people and analyses their relation with environment. By working with techniques from analog, to modern digital photography, E. Krukonytė researches how time and environment shape the way people think and express themselves in the always changing world. Photography is the medium which appeals to an interaction between real and virtual, objective and subjective. Through her work she explores what it means to be a human.


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Presentation of a project "Portrait of Early Generation Z" on a magazine "Cikados" #9.

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2021 “People of My Age”, Kaunas Photo Festival at Draugystės park, Kaunas

2022 “People of My Age”, Kvadratu Photo Festival, Tauragė

2022  “People of My Age”, Restart22, Prospekto galerija, Vilnius

2022  Collective exhibition “World Press Photo”, Cathedral square, Vilnius

2023 Personal exhibition “People of My Age” at Vilnius Photography Gallery


2022 One of the winners of international photo competition Restart22