Viela FW23


Lookbook and editorial photos for Viela.

Model: Ugnė Upė Pilitauskaitė

Makeup artist: Justė Vaškevičiūtė

Assistant: Benita Vaskelaitė

Photos taken in Vilnius, Lithuania

What is the woman of “Viela” like?

The woman of “Viela” is not lost in the midst of urban chaos. She find peace within herself. That is why for the FW23 photoshoot we worked with a model who is not only a remarkable beauty but also an illustrator, sculptor and performance artist Ugnė Upė Pilitauskaitė. In her artistic practice she analyses mythology in urban landscapes. Her strong yet subtle look unveils against the architectural background. We chose four different locations which represent urban modern architecture of independent Lithuania. Researching the relationship between person and environment leads to conclusion that nothing is constant except change.