Phantantasmagoria in 6

When comparing the nature of artist’s and designer’s work the question arises to what extent subjectivity and objectivity correlates in creative work. When human becomes the subject, does the creator look at the inside or the outside? Whether what is born on paper becomes a human figure, in distorted proportions observed by artist’s eye, a figure that is distant from reality. What internal processes are being led as the artist creates his own peculiar reality is the moment I seek to speculate in the fashion design medium. For an artist, a subjective view of the world, the environment around, gives him the freedom to create a personal reality, and the designer, who creates for man’s needs and comfort, is limited by proportions, clothing standards and rules. To explore this clash, I want to allow processes to run subconsciously without anticipating the end result to look wearable in a traditional way. I choose to work in a holistically which means keeping in mind the totality of all parts of the project, allowing them to develop and change altogether, perpetually. The initial process involves the act of drawing spontaneous line compositions on my body. I then wrap the body in ripped tights, so that the nylon becomes my second skin that can be transformed further. I take the fabric, create a composition from it, almost subconsciously, and sew it by hand, almost consciously. During the process, depending on the circumstances and the physiology of the body, the product tears, shrinks, expands and otherwise changes its shape. From the described process is born what is destined to be born unplanned. I want to give the viewer the opportunity to see not only the final product, but also the process of its emergence that give emotional weight to the visible result. I want the result not to dictate the viewer how to feel nor what to think, but to allow them to empathize with the process through their own eye, so in my work, there is a lack of completeness that feeds the viewer with thoughts of unanswered questions. The process never ends. – Emilija Poplavskytė, the designer

Models: Paulina Aleksynaitė, Patricija Budaitė, Gerda Medveckaitė, Miglė Palkevičiūtė, Agata Stupakova
Hair stylist: Ignas Dilys
Makeup artist: Emilija Kastečkaitė
Assistants: Gediminas Strazdauskas, Emilija Jasiulytė, Jogailė Laurišonytė