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Elena Krukonytė, born on July 21, 1998.

When she was 5 years old she has won third place and a bronze medal in the international art competition "Dog and Me" in Warsaw.
She started taking photos when she was 8 years old. From the age of 10, she attended a jewelry workshop hosted by the artist - jeweler Marytė Gurevičienė. Elena has participated in group jewelry exhibitions
organized in the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, Vilnius City Municipality and Gallery Meno Niša.
2010 has received a letter of thanks from Vilnius City Municipality for active artistic activity in the field of jewelry. She studied at Vilnius Žirmūnai Gymnasium and as a student has organized her own photography exhibitions at school. Since 2016 she has been working as a freelance photographer and has worked with young and already wellknown Lithuanian fashion brands and designers such as "Atsikeli ir Varai", Juozas Statkevičius, Ramunė Piekautaitė, "Soda Futura", "Multi.", "AXY" , Emilija Poplavskytė, etc .
In 2016 she created the anthropological archive of Lithuanian culture of the 90s and early 2000s and curates the instagram account 90s_Lithuania (https://www.instagram.com/90s_lithuania/) From 2017 to 2020 she studied at Vilnius College of Design. From September 2018 to February 2019, she did an internship with the Erasmus exchange program at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. August 27, 2020 she presented project "Portrait of the Early Z Generation" at the Vilnius College of Design and got bachelor's degree.

Artist's statement

I like how all people are different yet the same. My focus lies on the concept of time and how it unites people as well as creates cultural and emotional gaps between them. I am interested in the theory of generations and common or distinguished features they share. Time sows idealogical seeds in young people's consciousness, spread the roots which grow into the individual fundamental values and forms people into the way they are. In my work I usually portray younger generation which I respresent myself. My intention is to research how time and environment shape the way people think and express themselves in the always changing world. Photography is the medium which appeals to an interaction between real and virtual, objective and subjective. Through my work I explore the humanity.


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